Otterups "Stjerne" M68DL, jagtriffel fra Schultz og Larsen

Welcome to our tribute to The famous rifles from Schultz and Larsen, Denmark

Welcome to the Schultz and Larsen Club and our new website. 

However, Joergen, who has collected everything for these pages, and who has been also tutoring me, the webmaster, about rifles and hunting, is no longer with us, but from whereever he is now, probably hunting in African skies still wants  the world to learn of  his knowledge of the fine guns of Denmark. The rifles from a small village in Fyen, Otterup. 

Joergen Christensen was a Danish hunter with  great passion for fine rifles and guns. This particular site that you are reading now,  is meant to dig a bit deeper into the famous rifles of Denmark, and to try to supply interested hunters all over the world with information and perhaps also some nice anecdotes and stories on hunting with the Otterup Rifles.

If we can find time, we will also supply with tips and tricks to handle and maintain the fine old rifles and how to deal with small issues that can happen and be hard to get the local gun smith to deal with when you collect old rifles.

Besides we will try to produce a site that can be read on all modern devises. We are also quite determined to translate all articles to English, so most hunters will be able to read and understand the site. However, all is done in our spare time, and I have had to learn a lot of new skills to accomplish all this – so please be patient and understanding. All is done with no fees and for fun and for sharing our knowledge.

We will share posts about the rifles from the original Otterup Rifle Company, (closed in 1994) and also about the rifles from Rask Mølle (the company that took over the original factory in the nineties with Mr. Joergen Nielsen as the owner) – and also about the rifles from todays Schultz & Larsen Rifle Company in Hørning, Jutland ( Morten Krogh). This company is still going strong and produce famous Danish rifles with the amazing barrels produced on the old machines from the original factory in Otterup.

This company, directed by Mr. Morten Krogh, work hard to preserve the quality, precision and good reputation of the original Otterup Rifles. Modern production facilities and production methods (CNC-machines)  ensure that hunters all over the world can still buy a Schultz and Larsen rifle of high quality and with an “out-of-this-world” precise barrel.

Many an “old” hunter find that only the original rifles from Otterup count – but I, a female hunter since  2011, started out with a rifle from Morten Krogh´s factory in Hørning, and it is a fantastic rifle. I chose a Schultz and Larsen Victory .243 Win to start out with, in spite of the fact that everyone warned me that that would be a horrible and unprecise caliber and hard to reload for. Well, this rifle shoots hole-in-one and I love it to death. I have shot roe deer, foxes, and rabbits with it – and outperformed all the old guys at the shooting arena, so no complaints from me….and besides, you can change barrels as easily as ever, so it really is a fine and practical rifle that I highly recommend .

The Schultz and Larsen gang

We are 3 hunters with great passion for hunting and the Rifles from Schultz and Larsen behind the scene on these pages. We provide the articles and information when we find the time and energy.  Thomas from Norway, Morten from Fyen in Denmark,  and Gitte from Sealand, also Denmark. 

Thomas, Joergen and Herluf all have been hunters for as long as they can remember. I, Gitte, are a newcomer, since 2011, but I´m just as enthusiastic as they are – I only wished I had started out a long time ago…a whole new world has appeared for me.

The site is under constant construction, so please have understanding for the mistakes we make along the way. It is pure interest that bring these sites alive. We want to share with you what we have found over the years.

We welcome you to a tour of our world with the famous Otterup Rifles.

Thomas, Morten & Gitte

Some information on us and our Otterup Rifles

Joergen hunting in Africa

Joergen, “The Professor”

Who are we, the authors of  these pages? Here you can find a bit of information on all of us.

Joergen is the prime figure here and an absolutely ongoing enthusiast, who always makes everything work out in the end. He is helping hunters all over the world, absolutely free of charge, with information on all sorts of things concerning Otterup Rifles. How to find bits and pieces they need, reloading information, cartridge magazines, stocks, knives, you name it – Joergen knows where to find it…

Here he is pictured on a hunting trip to Africa – we will tell more of his adventures from hunting trips elsewhere. Joergen has been a hunter forever, since going with his dad and uncles as a child. He started out before hunters had to get a “license to kill” – (in Scandinavia we have to pass a test, a theoretical as well as a practical test, proving knowledge of the wild nature, game and ability to shoot, before we can get our hunting permit and go hunting.) Joergen does not lack in skill though, and has since passed many a test to proove his ability with the rifle. Joergen knows more about the Schultz and Larsen rifles than the Schultz and Larsen producers themselves – and what he does not know he finds out.

Joergen is also a skilled rough shooter, is the proud owner of a Purdey and other fine English shotguns.

Joergen, elephant hunting in Africa

Joergen elephant hunting in Africa

Here you see Joergen after a succesful  hunt in Africa..

Thomas and his M100DL

Thomas from Norway – another very important member of “the Club”

Thomas is our S & L guy in Norway.

Thomas´biggest problem is living in Norway. The problem being that in Norway you are only allowed to have a certain number of guns in your gun cabinet. The number is 6 – and somehow this does not at all match Thomas`wishes. He finds this very hard to keep the number of guns he owns below 6.

Anyway Thomas is now the proud owner of another M100DL with a gun case to match it. Very few of these were made, probably just about 10 and Thomas has been wishing for this for a long long time. The gun case is Italien and hand made by order to the factory in the nineties.

This model, the M100DL, was the last to be produced by The Otterup Rifle Company before they had to close down the production and sell to Rask Mølle. Some have been assembled at the original Otterup factory and these are highly sought after and of fine quality, and some are finished at Rask Mølle. As the new owner at Rask Mølle, Joergen Nielsen, was also very much involved in the  production of the M100DL in Otterup, these are probably very fine rifles too. However, if you are a collecter you look for the ones from Otterup. Anyway, this is the rifle that Thomas is smiling about here in the photo. Or maybe it is actually the gun case that makes him happy. The gun case will not require another gun license or more space in the gun cabinet.. Thomas might just hide it under his bed..

Thomas and deer and his M77 DL, .308Win from Schultz & Larsen
Here is Thomas with his stag, shot with his M77DL .243/.308

Thomas knows everything

Thomas knows everything – also things that Joergen does not know about. ( Even though Joergen of course would never admit this). Whenever I ask Thomas about scopes, rifles or mounts, I get a highly qualified and in-depth answer. He knows everything there is to know about Otterup Rifles. Just so you know…

Thomas special skill is the M100DL, he collects everything about Schultz & Larsen in Norway and he is the proud owner of one of the very rare M77DL. Only 8 were made and Thomas owns one of them..Needless to say the M77DL is his special baby.

Herluf helping Gitte mount a scope on her Otterup Rifle

The last two members of the gang

Actually I do not feel qualified to share this space with Herluf. But it was a very good day – and the photo shows very well what it is like, when we visit Joergen in Fyen. Herluf is an enthusiastic hunter ( and a very busy and succesful business man as well). Herluf collects rifles from Schultz and Larsen and rumour has it that he will soon need a new gun cabinet. Herluf also has great knowledge of scopes, actions, mounts etc – and is also the go-to-guy about reloading.

Herluf and I also share another passion. We both like Browning B 25´s. Not that I have one, but Herluf does. I have a Miroku with a very nice grade stock and I´m happy with this gun. The Professor however, would have a heart attack should I bring it to his place for duck hunting. He is always very gentleman like and generously lends me his Purdey. Can you believe it? ( I don´t even think he would approve of Herluf´s B 25…)

I´m Gitte, the female part of the gang. I hunt, I reload, I´m a rifle instuctor, an Otterup enthusiast, webmaster and learning from the 3 guys. I`m proud to share their company – they are very kind to me and teach me all I want to know. I also feel very proud to be the one sharing all these exiting informations to the rest of the world.

Wonderful drinks – Joergen calls it “The Brown Liquid”

We do not drink. However, the atmosphere in Joergen´s office is quite special. Smoking, drinking beer and whisky is allowed and stories told never leave the room. The guys taught me about “The Brown Liquid” – from Scotland. The consequence being that I had to borrow Joergen´s guest room, which normally belongs to Thomas..

We rarely meet all of us – we all sometime visit Joergen and I think we all appreciate that in each our special way. Sometimes we all meet and then the glasses for the Brown Liquid will be on the table and we celebrate.

In Joergen´s office fine books on guns and rifles can be found. But only quality books on quality guns. Everything ever printed or registered on Schultz and Larsen. Modern stuff is not found. It will never last to a grown man´s use is the opinion of Joergen. Needless to say he does not approve of modern plastic guns. A gun or rifle should be made of steel and wood – not plastic…

Joergen likes to tell stories from another time – and over and over again he tells us, how the world is put together. According to him…

The dog in the photo belongs to Joergen. He´s a wonderful dog, a Pointer – and in spite what one normally finds concerning poiters, this dog actually obeys his master. When Joergen calls him, he´s by his side the next second. He also retrieves ducks from cold water, he does not leave the premises and he does not beg.. Well, almost doesn´t beg. But he would very much like you to save him the last bite of your meat. Don´t ask me about the name of the dog, Joergen always refers to him as ” the pointer dog “. I´m not even sure he has a name…

Gitte and her first buck, and her beloved Victory, .243 Win

Gitte and her first buck, and her beloved Victory, .243 Win

Rifles from Otterup